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Sketchdump 2 by glyfy
Sketchdump 2
While wandering through my sketchbooks, found a few things that I wanted to throw color onto. So currently, looking at an assortment of colored scribbles from volume two of sketchbooks through roughly the first 40 pages of the third volume (have more to color, but have gotten lazy and won't have time to work on them this week due to work). 

o1. Some members of the last D&D group I played with. Deva wizard (who should have been useless, but the whole party was convinced she could never fail), gnome spellscarred rogue (he never gave or asked for names), eladrin cleric (she fell in love with an NPC and literally neglected the party during battle to look after him, because he saved her once), half-orc barbarian (this glorious creature would do anything, and it was always super epic), halfling fighter (she was always looking for a fight and usually found one or more). 

o2. Late-teens Piper

o3. Jiulong

o4. Zeph, Rob, and Garth, from a page of trying to practice drawing sitting poses. 

o5. Reyamon and Galamon

o6. TEAM in season two outfits (except Reyamon, who actually evolved to Valiamon at the end of season one, so she should technically be in that form instead...) Considered this pose for their "official" season two image, but finally decided against it.

o7. Pretakaashmon, whom I find insanely fun to draw, even though he only appeared in one episode.

o8. Walter, for once not looking as derpy/awkward as he normally does when I draw him. 

o9. Sketches for a future D&D character named Lady White. Basically her and her sister before she wound up becoming an ardent. 

1o. Carol and Serenity

11. TEAM season two sketches of Mike (ep31). 

12. Erin and Ricky, dressed as Minori and Touya from Log Horizon. 

13. TEAM season two sketches of Eric, Amber, and partners (ep27-28)

14. Season two Eric, ep30.

15. Anthony and Brinlea, wearing their parents' signature clothing.

16. Sketches of TEAM, originally drawn when wondering what an opening sequence may look like for them. 

17. Young Liam and Bulbasaur.

18. Annella and Loni, MLP style

19. Salt, Justice, Magnilio, and a handful of Raiken scribbles. Could practically call all of them neglected characters, since I hardly ever think about them, lately...

2o. Chelsea, supposed to be sitting on a swing, but sketch so vague that it's kind of hard to tell. 

21. Handful of quick, gesture sketches, mostly of Rob, Zeph, and Makayla. 

22. Eisenbolt!Espeon

23. Rob trying to be "cool". Long story short, I was trying to come up with cooler ideas for him and texting the results to Koko while I sat in an airport. That was about where it ended up before I quit.

24. Yvonne and Jerome

25. Early design for Bernice, before her dress and hairstyle changed. Decided to go ahead and use her current colors, rather than to try to dig through old files to find the original color scheme she was going to have. 
TEAM mockshots 4 by glyfy
TEAM mockshots 4
Last year October, I promised that there would be one final set of these to cover up to the end of TEAM's first season. It took more than a year to get around to finishing it, but I'm finally caught up to that point. 

I'll hopefully have summaries for their second season started this summer; it's taking longer to sort out the details of all that because there are certain events I intend to have happen, and I have to figure out the best order and method for all of it.
Painted Converse - Koko ver by glyfy
Painted Converse - Koko ver
I have never painted shoes before in my life, and this was definitely a learning experience. But I wanted to make something for a couple of people for Christmas, and this was the outcome~

Left shoe featuring Rob and Zeph from an original RP, fireflies, and Haikyuu! volleyball.
Right shoe featuring roses to represent an original pairing, stars to represent another original pairing/family, red string of fate, and Killua from Hunter x Hunter

White Converse high tops, painted with acrylics and detailed with Sharpies. 
Painted Converse - Misha ver by glyfy
Painted Converse - Misha ver
I have never painted shoes before in my life, and this was definitely a learning experience. But I wanted to make something for a couple of people for Christmas, and this was the outcome~

Left shoe featuring Itachi from Naruto, strawberries, and Pokeball. 
Right shoe featuring Luffy from One Piece, giftee's name, and her angel character. 

Black Converse high tops, painted with acrylics and detailed with Sharpies. 
Custom adopts 3 by glyfy
Custom adopts 3
Also working on some grown-up redesigns on a few of my own gijinka, so had to sneak those two in there.

:iconglyfy: Flareon & Jolteon
:iconkokohearts: Ninetails & Reshiram
:iconkai-lisa: Darkrai
I am currently offering custom Pokemon gijinka adopts at $25 USD per character (Paypal only). You may request no more than two per slot. 

It takes me 2-7 days to complete a single custom character. 

All of my gijinka designs are based off of a single Pokemon sprite. All base colors (with the exception of skin tone) will be pulled directly from the sprite itself. I will work off of official, edited, or fanmade sprites. If you have any questions or concerns whether or not I can use the sprite you have in mind, just send me a note or comment here, and I'll let you know! 

For each custom, I will need you to determine their age and gender, the sprite to be used, personality (expression/pose), style of clothing, and any requests for specific colors of permanent features (skin, hair, eyes). 

A rough sketch with color will be sent for approval before lines are drawn, and minor changes will be allowed. 

I cannot begin work on any customs without the trade being sent first! I'm more than happy to discuss ideas, but I won't start drawing until the trade itself is completed. 

1. :iconkokohearts: Arcanine
2. - open - 
3. - open -


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Since I'm only familiar with Awakening, I would only suggest those characters and some others that are well-known, like Marth, Roy, and Ike. Perhaps on Skype, can feed some characters I most want to see (my favorites) along with others. And Kyle may also know of ones to include, from Awakening and other games. 
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