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Eeveelutions by glyfy
Eevee and its various forms will likely always be my favorites~ Of course, Flareon (Fluffeon) is my favorite out of all of them. There's just something about all that fluff. 
Magi - Flower Crowns by glyfy
Magi - Flower Crowns
Couldn't resist drawing the trio in a cutesy, relaxed setting together~
Do You Even Pose!? by glyfy
Do You Even Pose!?
There are too many fabulously gravity-defying poses in this series. I actually debated between including Josuke and Dio, but then ultimately decided to stick with characters that have been featured in the anime adaptation. 
SAO Headphones by glyfy
SAO Headphones
Despite all of my recent cosplay uploads, I do still manage to find a little time to draw. This one is a re-visit of a pose I've played with before, but re-imagined with Saito and Asuna from SAO. 
JoJo Cosplay by glyfy
JoJo Cosplay
First test wear of my genderbend Joseph Joestar cosplay. Originally, I was planning to do the usual male version, but the wig just looks like a super feminine pixie cut on me, so decided to go ahead and just do a fem version of him. I'm still not quite fabulous enough to pull off the poses 100%, but I plan to keep practicing them! It's seriously like some sort of psycho anime version of yoga to run through the ones I know. This cosplay will make its official debut at Koya-Con this next weekend~
Okay, it's a couple weeks late, but A-Kon was tons of fun! I got to attend with my bestie, my brother, and his best friend. Another person stayed at the hotel with us, but he tended to get in after we'd already gone to bed, and we all left before he got up in the mornings, so we didn't see much of each other. Overall, it was a stress/drama-free setting for all of us. I've heard of other people having issues with neighbors or roommates, but we never seem to have any problems over food, space, bathrooms, mirrors, noise, etc. Props to my traveling party for being so awesome!

Almost the entire weekend was spent taking pictures at photoshoots, which was my original goal. Thursday, we got pictures as Titus and Marga from Magi, and then we had a pretty good turnout for our Yona photoshoot on Friday. My brother really got into the role of Jaeha whenever we took pictures, and his friend was a really good Zeno (I was impressed how many different poses he could come up with on the spot). The photographer that worked with us was super chill and it didn't take her long to get pictures back to us, which was amazing. (I won't be posting the pictures that she took, but I will soon be putting up some that were taken on my camera; you can find her on Facebook under the name Kayla Doyle Photography.) 

I also got to be at the JoJo photoshoot, which had some super amazing cosplayers~ I was especially impressed with the Kars and The World cosplayers that were there (and we saw Kars again another time, which just made my day). Saturday, Koko and I started out as Pitou and Alluka from Hunter x Hunter, and then later changed to Alibaba and Aladdin. It was perfect timing because we wound up running into a whole bunch of other Magi cosplayers, had an impromptu photoshoot with one of the Morgiana cosplayers that we met, and then set up another photoshoot for Sunday. That one went really well and it was so much fun getting to know everyone there! My brother cosplayed Jaeha again, and we finally made it to the Maid Cafe. I have to say, that Maid Cafe is the most adorable thing ever. I didn't really know what to expect, only that we regretted not going last year, but it was so cute and we had a blast playing games! 

The only downside was that I felt off when we were going home, and then I wound up getting sick later that week. I'm nearly over it now, but being sick for a week and a half has not been fun for me or anyone else. I've been terribly unentertaining the whole time and basically just re-watching shows to keep my mind off of things. But starting to feel better now, so looks like it's more or less over. 

Koya-Con is only a few days away! For anyone interested in going, pre-reg ends on Wednesday and it costs a little bit more at the door to get in. If you are going, come by and say hi to me at some point! I'll be at my guest/artist table most of the time, unless I'm presenting a panel or involved with the cosplay contest. 

I'll be uploading some cosplay pictures and some actual art that I've been working on really soon!
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omfg!!! you draw sooo gigantic fantastic!!! AWESOMEE AMAZING!! BEUTIFUL!!! <3 how can it be that you haven't got 1000 watchers?? i help you ;D i will watch you! i don't want to miss any of your beautiful pictures! <3
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Ah, thanks so much!
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